Maidenhead, Berkshire

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Micro-chipping service also available from a qualified technician


'WILLOW HOUSE' was constructed in 1986

We have 40 rooms of varying size to accommodate both single cats and multi-cat households. Only cats from the same household are permitted to share their rooms!

An average bedroom is 5'x5' with central heating controlled by a thermostat to allow for individual needs. A long shelf with a window takes care of the 'sleeping bags' but guests can bring any of their own beds or comforters that they think may be suitable.
Each room has its own toilet facilities along with cleaning equipment which is allocated to each guest for the duration of their stay.

Room service is completed each morning when beds are made and bathrooms attended to.

Daytime can be spent lazing on the sunny 'Catio' which is an additional 5'x6' complete with sunning shelf and raised log to improve the views!

The whole unit is completely under cover to shelter from the rain when necessary and has the addition of a 4' escape run


should any guests wish to leave early!! All guests are given individual attention and our caring staff cater to their every need. Each guest is fed the food of their choice and we feed regular meals twice a day but any specially requested meal or snacks are attended to without hesitation. Kittens are also fed according to their needs.

'Hairdressing' is available on a daily basis if required.

Medication is administered if and when required and we are well known for our post-operative care and convalescence skills.
We have a few Diabetics among our regular guests who can be monitored and injected if required.

The whole unit is built in a quadrangle around a landscaped garden which is now complete with a

large pond and resident Ducks. To add to the 'in house' entertainment we also have very large French Lop Rabbits who, along with the Ducks, provide hours of fun for all.

Inspection is invited at any time during our opening hours which are:


9.00am - 5.00pm Daily

 (open over Christmas but with restricted opening times during the following week.)

27th - 31st December 9.00am - 10am and 4pm - 5pm

Closed for collection and delivery 25/26th December and 1st January 2012

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