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     Pedigree of:    PORTEOUS BROTHER LOUIE   

     Black Silver Classic Tabby     Breed no: 18

     Date of Birth:  15.4.2002

     Breeder/ Ownner :       Mrs C  Leighton

Advensh Hotchocolate

Chocolate Silver Tabby (18b)

Wellmar Oreo

Chocolate Silver Classic Tabby (18b)

Malsome First Edition  (15b)

Wellmar Silver Secret (18)

Adquash Coffee Cream

Chocolate Silver Spotted (30bs)

Kwisatz Swordmaster (15b)

Wellmar Silver Swirl (18)

Porteous Echo Beach

Tortie Silver Classic Tabby (18e)

Ch Revlis Rebel Rouser

Black Silver Classic Tabby (18)

Gr Ch Zia About Alfie (18)

Gr Ch Porteous Pepseycolla (18)

Porteous Kula Shaker

Red Classic Tabby (19)

Gr Ch Porteous Clockwork Orange (18d)

Porteous Melting Pot (18e)

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