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Our current Studs and their History 

IMPERIAL GRAND CHAMPION OLANGAS TSAR PETER THE GREAT (15c) Lilac self. dob 17.11.2005  (PKD negative)


We waited a very long time for 'Peter' who joined us from his home in Northern Sweden at the beginning of 2007. He was chosen by us when he was only 2 weeks old and we are very grateful to Olga and Jan for keeping him with them for such a long time. He is a very large solid boy with lovely bone, lovely copper eyes and a excellent short plushy coat. Added to that he carries the ticked gene, and without the colourpointed gene is a great asset, not only to  to our silver series breeding program but to our ticked tabby program. As a bonus he could be an asset for breeding clear coated selfs as well. He had been shown three times at FiFE shows in Europe as a kitten/adult where he was nominated for best in show on all occasions and on his last outing won  Best Opposite sex adult. He has lots of wives waiting for him and the future years should be  'bumper' ones for chocolate and lilac silvers to which we have now added our first ticked tabbies! 

Update: - Peter is now a Imp Grand Champion. Five wins out of five attempts.!! He has now most definitely retired!!

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Red Silver Classic Tabby 

'Rocky' and  his brother 'Brian' were the result of a four year programme to breed Silver Series Tabbies. Rocky first competed in Assessment classes and was unbeaten in any class during his show career. He made Grand Champion in 3 shows and has since retired from the bench to live a pampered life at home. He has continued to be a very successful stud in our breeding programme and has the addition of carrying the dilute gene but is at private stud only.

Update: - July 2012 Rocky was gently put to sleep as it was felt his time had come and we could not think of him suffering. He had a wonderful life and has left us with 3 nine week old kittens as if to prove that he really meant to leave his mark on our pedigrees! We treasure all those years and the 'fame' that came with breeding the first red silver tabby.....we are keeping 2 of his last kittens to continue these illustrious lines.    

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CHAMPION  PORTEOUS BROTHER LOUIE (18) Black Silver Tabby - carrying chocolate  dob. 15.4.2002

       Louie has had a reasonable show career and is now a Champion. He was kept as an outcross for our chocolate girls but will not be at public stud as he is not suitable for black silver tabby breeding.

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CHAMPION A BLUE NUGGET'S MISTER AUSTRIA (18b) - Chocolate Silver Classic Tabby dob. 10.2.2003 

'Mozart' has settled in well since arriving from his mountain retreat!  Hopefully he will make an impact on our breeding program as he also carries the dilute gene  and we kept our fingers crossed for lilac and lilac silver tabbies from him! We managed to achieve this is 2005 so they are now added to our colour spectrum! He is, as far as we are aware, the first chocolate silver tabby to be registered on the Full Register with the GCCF in the UK.        Mozzie is not at public stud.  

Update - January 2012 was very sad for us as Mozzie died unexpectedly from Kidney disease. He was PKD negative. R.I.P - we miss you terribly

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EUROPEAN CHAMPION A BLUE NUGGET'S KING CREOLE (15b)  Chocolate Self dob. 4.12.1998
 We are delighted and proud to be able to own 'Mr Wonka' He was born in Austria and lived for 2 and a half years with his breeders Irene and Klaus Koll. After an illustrious show career in Europe as well as siring some stunning babies he applied for his passport to England and is now busy learning not only a new language but the delights of silver girls, which he had never seen before! He is one of the very few chocolates in the UK not to carry the colourpointed gene and we have great plans for him to help us produce some lovely chocolate silver tabbies in the very near future. Mr Wonka is not at public stud.  

Update: May 2005 Mr Wonka has now been neutered. We have five of his daughters and some of his grandchilden to continue our lines and we thought he had more than played his part in our chocolate silver tabby program. He gained all the necessary Merits and Intermediate Certificates to help qualify chocolate selfs for Championship status and has more than deserved his own  new status -  sleeping on my bed!! 
Update: April 2012 Sadly Mr Wonka has passed away. He was diagnosed with an embolism and was put to sleep to save any further suffering. He leaves many offspring with us to continue our lines and we loved having him as a loyal and faithful pet. We will all miss you Wonka!     

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CHAMPION REVLIS REBEL ROUSER (18)  Black Silver Classic Tabby

'Ralph' was born in Northern Ireland in 1989 and with the addition of a Long Haired Grandfather was kept at closed stud for quite a few years. Once it was established that he did not carry the gene for longhair, he was allowed more scope with outside queens. This resulted in some stunning kittens many of whom have gone on to achieve Grand Champion status and Best in Show wins. He is the sire of GR CH FYSKEZ SUGARBERRY who was the Best British Adult at the GCCF Supreme Show in November 1997. He has now retired and although he remains un-neutered he is not used as a stud anymore. 

Update: 7th November 2005 - we are sad to announce that Ralph passed away today. He had been bright and cheerful right up to the end when he just appeared to take to his bed and drift away. To all the people who used Ralph and knew him when they visited here, he will be missed, but he has left his mark on so many pedigrees  and was a very positive influence on many of the silver tabbies bred over the last 16 years, both here and in Europe. He will be remembered for a very long time.

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